About Us

Hi! We’re Graham and Ellie and we have a deep love of God and his Word. We are equipping and encouraging those who love God’s Word so much that they want everyone to have access to it so they may be transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. 

If you share a love for God and his Word and want everyone to have access to the good news about Jesus, then this blog exists to equip and encourage you too. We warmly invite you to partner with us in ministry and walk with us in faith and live as we serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.

In the ‘News’ portion of this site you can catch up on our newsletter and how God is working through us together to equip and encourage others to see his Word translated in other languages and faith lived out here and cross-culturally.

In the ‘Reflections’ portion you can be encouraged as we reflect on God’s Word and what it means to live for Jesus. We also will occasionally review other works of literature, articles or films in the ‘Reviews’ section.

We have been in ministry for over 18 years by God’s grace. Graham is the current CEO of SIL Australia, which includes the role of Principal of its training school program in Kangaroo Ground. SIL Australia is Wycliffe’s training, academic and implementing partner, and serves minority language communities worldwide by delivering effective training and consulting in linguistics, literacy, translation and cross-cultural communication for the development of locally owned sustainable language programs.

Our vision is to see disciples of Jesus growing through the Scriptures available in whatever language best speaks to their hearts. To that end, our mission is to equip and and encourage others in such a way that we can see Bible translation projects started in at least 10 more language groups by February 28, 2022.

We will do this by training cross-cultural workers in the areas of language learning, linguistics, translation, literacy and other language development activities; by serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development, through research, translation, training and materials development; and by encouraging and supporting language development workers in literacy, translation, language documentation, and in educational and linguistic research projects around the world.

The purpose of our blog is to equip and encourage you in your love for God’s Word and desire to see everyone have access to it as we journey together in life, faith and ministry.

This is a place you can catch up on our news, reflect with us on God’s Word and the amazing life He’s given us, and get recommendations from us about books, articles and films that we’ve found worthwhile.

We are part of a team, partnering together so that others can access God’s Word. You are most welcome to join us! One way you can do that is by liking and sharing our posts to encourage others. Leaving comments to encourage others or writing to us directly is another way you can be part of this movement. You can also sign up to receive our news regularly so that you can pray for us. And you can partner with us financially by donating here: https://wycliffe.org.au/member/graham-ellie/#row-in-page-donation as the Holy Spirit leads.

We are committed to being part of the team helping to complete the global Bible translation task. You can be part of this team as you partner with us in prayer, financial support and encouragement. Please let us know if you’d like to join our prayer or encouragement support team by filling in the form below. God bless you!