Graham and Ellie’s September News

September 2018

Dear Friends and Family,

God is answering your prayers! 

Continued healing for Ellie 

Today marks the 28th day in a row of wellness for Ellie – the longest run of wellness she’s had in 5 years. Praise the Lord! We thank the Lord for restoring her breath and we thank you for persistently praying with us for healing. This is wonderful, especially as Graham is going to be away for almost a month travelling for meetings. We pray that Ellie’s wellness streak will keep on going by God’s grace.

Good connections at the missions conference

At the missions conference at which we were representing SIL Australia (Wycliffe’s training and academic partner org), we were reminded of this verse in Isaiah 61 about God giving beauty for ashes.

To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory. (Isaiah 61:3 NLT)

Near where we were staying at Mount Tamborine, there were reminders of bushfire that had passed through the area. In an affected area, the trees had blackened, charred trunks at their base and upwards, and burnt, dried leaves. One of these trees looked all but dead. But as you look up, at one point the tree meets and rests upon a large branch of another tree. Above that point, the ‘dead’ tree is covered in green leaves and is obviously still alive.

As we looked around, the story is the same. Those trees that are supporting, and being supported by, other trees have survived the bushfire. Those trees that were standing on their own did not survive.

To us, this is an image of Christian community and partnership. May we be like that tree that others can rest against to be restored to life. May our living leaves clap in the wind together as a praise symphony to the Lord. May we pity the trees that have no one to support them, and sow seed and plant next to those dead trees so that life may be renewed by the Lord.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord loves to give life and hope where there was death and despair? The Lord brings joy where there was sorrow, beauty where there was destruction, and holiness where there was desecration. The Lord brings healing where there was illness, comfort where there was pain, and new growth to what was dry. Together, we partner with the God of life, the Lord of the Resurrection, who blesses us with his Spirit and anoints us to bring good news to others. Thank you for supporting us in this journey, and for seeking to bring great glory to God with us as we minister in his name.

God answered our prayers and gave us great conversations with several young people considering missions, and we had the privilege of praying for them as they seek God’s purposes for them. We prayed with several people currently in ministry who are in need of God’s provision or direction. We also prayed with some, including a couple of pastors, who desire to see more zeal for mission in their own churches. What a privilege to pray that God will move in people’s hearts and ignite in them a passion for others to come to know Jesus. And we also spoke to a few people who are considering giving their lives to the cause of Bible translation. Yay, God!

What a privilege to share a whole weekend with people who share God’s heart for mission. We thank you for sharing our passion for God’s mission and for your faithful prayers as we seek to bless others in the Bible translation movement. Thank you for partnering with us so that together, we can send more messengers of God’s good news into the world.

Good opportunities to catch up with friends and family in Brisbane 

Our first Sunday in Brisbane, we had fun surprising the Cantonese church we worked in, especially as Graham had prepared a sermon for them. We can see the cultural wisdom of their new English pastor arranging with us to do so, as it was stress-free for the church and there was no pressure for them to do anything huge for us. We really love the folks there, and being able to hug them, pray for them and catch up was a wonderful privilege. They did arrange a beach bbq the following weekend for us, and that was just lovely.

We also loved connecting with the community at St Andrew’s, our ‘home’ church in Brisbane. We were greeted in the 8:30am service by a friend who told us she prays for us every day. We are so blessed by her and others like her – prayer warriors, we call them. The 10:30am service family was also a great blessing.

And what a great opportunity to connect with Graham’s mum and sister and her family. We loved playing with our niece and nephews. We had a mini Christmas together – including the best gluten-free Christmas cake we’ve had. And we loved seeing God’s grace and faithfulness in providing for them in more ways than we can name.

We’re so grateful to have caught up with friends at Brisbane School of Theology, too. God has blessed us with some pretty special friendships there, and we loved being able to have face-to-face heart-to-hearts with them. We’re also amazed at God’s goodness in giving us something to present at the postgrad conference. Our presentations were very graciously received, and we are grateful for the encouragement. We had a good solid week of progress in our studies.

Continuing work in the Papuan Malay Bible Translation

There are several Scripture portions being community-checked by the Papuan Malay team at the moment. A successful community check means that native speakers give feedback about the ‘naturalness’ and ‘flow’ of the reading. But we’ve heard from the Papuan Malay translation team that the first scheduled check of the book of Acts in Papuan Malay was not successful. As a community check it failed because the churchgoers and church leaders got too excited at reading the book of Acts in their own language for the first time.

According to our friend Lenice on the PM team, ‘They were so blown away by being able to understand it!  They just kept reading and saying things like, “Oh really, that’s what that means!” “Oh, now I get that story!”  They weren’t able to give any specific comments because they were just amazed by understanding the content!’

What a beautiful failure! This is the kind of failure that makes us grin from ear to ear. We think this is the kind of failure that makes God smile too. He can bring such good out of failure! Thank you for partnering with us in our successes and failures too.

Graham’s Travel

Thank you for joining us in prayer for safe travel for Graham and for good connections and productive meetings. Graham will be away for 25 days on this trip.

As you read this, Graham is probably still on his way to the US for meetings with the other SIL training institution principals from around the world. Graham has a full 24 hours of travel before he reaches Orlando, Florida, where these meetings are being held at the Wycliffe USA headquarters. Next week, Graham flies to Thailand for other meetings, including the SIL Global Leaders meetings and leadership orientation/training.

In between these meetings, Graham has managed to squeeze a 2-day layover in Chicago on Sunday Sept 30th and Monday Oct 1st. Graham is having a quiet catch-up at our friend Natalie Lombard’s place Sunday afternoon, then Sunday evening he is presenting at Faith Bible Church in Joliet, and Monday evening is catching up with some people at our friends Bob and Brenda Vishanoff’s place. If you would like to catch up with Graham at any of these venues, please let us know.

Thank you for praying that God will help Graham to bless those who are able to join one of these get-togethers. We thank God in advance for all who will attend, for those who are hosting and serving, and for those helping Graham in other practical ways. God’s love flows right through you!

We thank the Lord for you

Thank you for partnering with us, for supporting us through the fire and through the renewal that God allows. We are blessed by all the ways we see God bringing life and hope and grace through our partnership for his glory. May God continue to plant us all as strong oaks of righteousness in this world that needs him. And may his Spirit work within us so that we are always ready to comfort, support and bring good news.

God bless you!


Graham and Ellie

Support Us

We’re praising God for:  

  • the month of wellness that Ellie has experienced
  • opportunities he gave us to pray for and encourage others at the missions conference
  • the lovely catch-ups with friends, family and churches he blessed us with in Brisbane
  • the impact that reading Acts for the first time in their own language had on Papuan Malay speakers
  • your continued partnership and support

We’re praying for:

  • Ellie’s wellness streak to keep going by God’s grace
  • God to continue his work in the lives of those we prayed for who are considering giving their life to God’s mission
  • Continued progress in our studies
  • The Papuan Malay team as they try again to get the book of Acts community-checked
  • Graham’s travel, meetings and catch-ups – for good connections, safety and travelling mercies, and productive meetings

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