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After having a lovely dinner and meaningful talk with Belinda, she told us, “You two have given me so many ideas to think and pray about, but more than that I feel encouraged and more hopeful than I did before tonight. So appreciate your care and support and enthusiasm. Bless you!!”

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds (Heb 10:24 NLT)

Dear Family and Friends,

We first met Belinda (pictured above) when she was a student of ours in the SIL Australia summer school training program several years ago. God has taken her on an amazing journey of trust and she is now helping to coordinate the Papuan Malay (PM) Bible translation project in Indonesia.

Belinda was recently in Melbourne awaiting a new visa, and this provided a wonderful opportunity for us to catch up with her and see how we might be able to support the PM team. We were eager to hear face-to-face some of what God is doing through the PM team. So Belinda came to dinner at our place and had a great heart-to-heart with us.

When we asked Belinda what was going well, we were blown away at all that God has done!

  • We praise God that there are now PM booklet versions of the Book of Ruth, the Book of Jonah, the Good Samaritan, the Lost Son, and the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • PM Sunday School curriculum materials have been printed.
  • The PM Gospel of Luke has finished consultant checks and is about to be printed.
  • The PM Jesus film has been shown over 100 times!
  • PM translators are now working on Genesis, Acts, Revelation, James and Titus.
  • The PM OneStory oral Bible storying team has had 12 stories approved, and they aim to finish the remaining 14 stories by the end of this year.

This is incredible progress–and we praise the Lord for it! Demand for PM Bible materials remains high, and the PM team is ahead of schedule in their progress.

As we were listening to Belinda, however, we sensed that there was a ‘but’ coming. Believe it or not, Bible translators can become discouraged, even in the midst of seeing God do amazing things. And our intuition was right. The PM project has been blessed with inter-agency and inter-denominational cooperation so far, but there are some threats to unity looming on the horizon. So the PM team is facing some sensitive issues and various challenges which are starting to affect morale and motivation.

Belinda shared with us that she was feeling tired and worn out, and in need of a fresh vision from God. She asked us to pray with her that God would breathe his life and birth his dreams for the PM team and its impact in practical ways.

What an absolute privilege to discuss ideas for PM and to pray together that God would show the team how to overcome the challenges one by one and see his hand at work. What a blessing to ask that God’s Holy Spirit would reignite the team’s passion, motivation and commitment to the ministry!

We praise God for opening up this beautiful time of authentic sharing and praying together! Belinda said that she found our time together fruitful, encouraging and uplifting. God used this time to really encourage us too. It seems that God is keeping the door open for us to remain useful to the PM project, and that is so, so good of him!

Before Belinda went back to Indonesia a couple of weeks ago, we caught up with her once more and she’s asked Ellie to mentor her regularly by Skype. Ellie gladly agreed!

Your partnership with us allows us to encourage Bible translation in more ways than we could have even imagined! God uses your prayers, encouragement and support to help us pray for, encourage and support friends like Belinda and the PM team! We give thanks to God for you and for all that he is doing in and through you.

One of the biggest questions we are being asked right now about Graham’s role as the Principal Executive Officer of SIL Australia, Wycliffe Australia’s academic partner organization is this:

Why is there no salary attached to such a position of importance in an academic organization?

It is true that Graham’s position is one of huge responsibility and importance. However, we, like all members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, rely on the gifts that God provides us through His people to meet our basic living and ministry expenses. People give to us so that we can freely serve others in the wide world of Bible translation, like our students and colleagues.

Graham not receiving a salary puts him on equal footing with whoever else serves in Wycliffe or SIL Australia. There is not a ‘he is the boss so he gets special treatment’ hierarchy. This allows everyone in the organization to move flexibly between roles as needed and as God calls.

So by not receiving a wage and relying on gift income, Graham is able relate equally to other colleagues who are living on support. We demonstrate our commitment to the cause of Bible translation as we trust in God to provide for us. This allows more people to be involved in the task of Bible translation, and it provides us with encouragement and support–both financially and personally–along the way.

One of our supporters, Greg, says, “I like to think that some of the money I earn can be used for good. By supporting Graham and Ellie, I’m investing in something that has an international impact. I love these guys and I love what they do.”

Supporting God’s work has huge benefits for givers too, as the Scriptures say, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Being generous is good for us and helps us to understand and appreciate the heart of God who gives such good gifts to His children. Our financial partners journey with us closely regardless of whatever task or role we undertake for the sake of Bible translation.

We invite you to invest yourself through the resources that God has given you—your energy, your prayers, and your money—in this great work of training and Bible translation to which God has called us. If you would like to join our financial support team, please click on the link at the end of this email.

As always, thank you for standing with us so that others may know how much God loves them!

Love, Graham and Ellie

We’re giving thanks for:

  • the incredible work God is doing through people like Belinda and the PM Bible translation team to make His Word available to others
  • the ideas and connections God is blessing Graham with in his role
  • a great team to work with, a great place to live and a great church.

And we’re praying for:

  • health-this week Ellie’s asthma has not been responding to medication well. Praying for speedy return to the good health of the last month or so. Graham has also been under the weather.
  • Graham as he continues to works into the SILA CEO role. It’s very enjoyable, but there is a lot to learn, and keep track of.
  • our research, that we would be able to achieve better balance and have productive time working on it.


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