New Beginnings – Graham and Ellie’s February News

FEBRUARY 2020 Edition

Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness; they will sing with joy about your righteousness.

(Psalm 145:7 NLT)

New beginnings – that is what the start of the year represents for many of us. What new beginnings are you experiencing in 2020? For us, the start of the year brings the beginning of a new academic year with Launch, our summer intensive semester. New students and some new or returning sessional staff mark the beginning or renewing of relationships.

And some beginnings still await, with accreditation being our persistent prayer at the moment. A change in policy, procedure and the staff handling our case in the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) office has caused delays. We have done all we can, and still we wait. This is no small issue as we have already had to adopt a contingency plan B for summer school and will begin semester 1 in just a couple of weeks. So please join us in earnest prayer that TEQSA approves our accreditation, and does so quickly.

In the midst of new and awaited beginnings, what a comfort that we worship a God who renews and walks with us in every season. Our hope is in him. We see his wonderful goodness all around us, and especially in the staff and students we relate to daily.

One of the joys of the summer intensive for us is hosting a small group of students and staff and hearing their stories of how God led them to the SIL Australia course. These stories are encouraging to us as they testify to God’s guidance and goodness in the lives of those we are serving. And they often remind us of how faithfully God has led us over the years in unexpected ways. What a privilege to walk together as we follow the Lord! Here is one such testimony for your encouragement.

Victoria, one of the students in our group, saw a challenge and opportunity when she heard her teenage daughter say that she didn’t want to apply to university because she thought it would be too hard. Victoria thought that she should set an example for her daughter and demonstrate what is possible by God’s grace. So Victoria decided to go to university herself.  

As she prayed about what to study and where to apply, Victoria wanted to study God’s Word more in depth. She came to faith by reading God’s Word for herself, and so she sees its importance for life and faith. So she applied to Bible College, and has been indeed setting a good example as she enjoys studying. During her time at Bible College, Victoria discovered her love of languages. Through that, God led her to study with us at SILA this summer.

Victoria told us that she is so thankful to be studying here. She loves how each subject awakens a different part of her mind and works together like a beautiful symphony orchestrated by God. She regards our course as a great experience as a student, and also believes it will make her a better teacher as she is involved in refugee ministry at her church.

Victoria says, “God has been teaching me that he is so big! Thank you for the thoughtfulness you have put into the design of this course. You are giving me wings on my feet to run the race and fly over hurdles!”

Victoria is not sure where exactly God is leading her in the future. But she is sure that she is right where he wants her to be now. She says it is like seeing the landscape, and walking the path with God, but being aware that there is a hill before her that she can’t yet see beyond. She is trusting God to show her his good purposes for her life and to lead her in his timing to what is beyond the horizon.

How encouraging to hear the ways that God is blessing people like Victoria as she studies with us! How we pray for her and others who are seeking God’s will for their lives and wondering how God might use their love of languages for his greater kingdom causes. How blessed we are to witness and testify to God’s guiding grace in every new beginning and every season of life.

Thank you for sharing God’s goodness to you with us so that we can dedicate ourselves to equipping and encouraging people like Victoria. God uses your prayers, friendship and financial support to keep us going. We are grateful to begin another year of ministry with you, and we pray that God will bless you in every way.

Love and Hugs,
Graham and Ellie

Please join us in praising God:

  • for the wonderful group of students and staff who are participating in the summer semester intensive, and that we have been able to extend hospitality to them
  • that the SILA team and students are coping well with the busyness of the summer intensive semester, and are even enjoying it – and for those students who, like Victoria, are gaining valuable skills through SILA training for cross-cultural ministry
  • that Graham has had great administrative support during the summer intensive, with some extra needed help making a huge difference to his workload
  • for the opportunity last month to have a whole week’s holiday with good rest
  • for protection from the bushfires, and that Ellie’s asthma management plan has worked during the hazardous smoke haze we’ve experienced.

Please join us in praying for:

  • the final TEQSA approval of SILA’s accreditation arrangement to come through quickly
  • God to meet our extra financial expenses – Ellie has been referred to more medical specialists and has had more scans/tests ordered for follow-up care and investigation; Graham has been told he is in need of orthopaedic support and ongoing physio for his ankle injury; and this month our bills exceed what support has come in for us – so we need to see God provide once again
  • healing and health for both of us
  • continued administrative support for Graham, and that those who have helped during summer semester might consider continuing on
  • students who are seeking God’s guidance as they finish the summer intensive.

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Donate online through Wycliffe USA — copy and paste this info: Graham and Ellie Scott ID#281522 into the Give to the Ministry of My Wycliffe Missionary page.

By check in the USA: Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 
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For US-based ongoing automatic giving, you can set up a Bill Pay through your bank by providing Wycliffe’s name and address: 11221 John Wycliffe Blvd; Orlando, Fl 32862 – and put as a reference our ID #281522 Graham and Ellie Scott. Or call 1-800-992-5433 to speak to a Wycliffe representative.

For partnership information/inquiries:  Wycliffe Australia
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(03) 9712 2777

We are so blessed and amazed at God’s abundant provision through our veggie garden. Here is a recent harvest. We turned this into a low-carb vegetable lasagna and shared it with friends.

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