Our 2019 Ministry Financial Review

God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others… Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God. (2 Corinthians 9:8, 11 NLT)

As the year draws to a close, we have been encouraged to send out an end-of-year financial report to you and to invite you, our partners in Bible translation and training, to further walk alongside us as we seek to see God’s Word translated into undocumented and under-documented languages throughout the world. This is a longer email, so we’d be very grateful if you would grab a cuppa and walk with us through this. We are so thankful for your commitment to Bible translation and it is our privilege to serve in this cause with you as God enables and guides us.

How have you seen God’s generosity in your life this past year? As we wind down the year, we are convinced once again that we live by God’s generous grace alone. What a privilege it is to know him through Jesus Christ our Lord. What a privilege to have, and to be able to read and understand, his Word through his Holy Spirit. And what a privilege to work together with you to demonstrate to others the overwhelming generosity of our Lord and to do our part in working towards equal access to God’s Word, particularly among minority language groups.

You are among those who value God’s Word enough to want everyone to have it. For that, we are so, so grateful! God’s Word continues to transform us personally, and we rejoice when God uses it to impact individual lives and whole communities. As one of the Papuan Bible translators, Kristin, says, ‘God is shaping me through this work; I learn from God’s Word as I work. I’m so, so, so thankful!’ May God continue to shape you, us, and Bible translators like Kristin as we invest in his Kingdom work through Scripture translation and engagement. 

We praise God that he has used you and people like you to keep us in ministry for 20 years. We are obeying God’s call to send out his Word by providing leadership, vision and encouragement through training those seeking to work cross-culturally and supervising those who are facilitating language development work, including Bible translation. This is highly specialised work, and we aim to continue to provide quality training and support to those God has called into this task.  We believe this work is integral to the task of Bible translation worldwide and strategic in its potential impact on many language communities. And we consider it a privilege.

As Graham continues in his role as Principal Executive Officer of SIL Australia (SILA), and Ellie continues to mentor, God has placed us in unique positions of influence beyond what we could have imagined when we joined Wycliffe 20 years ago. We are so grateful to God for another year in which we have been able to do so much on behalf of the precious people that we serve. And we remain so thankful for all of you who partner together with us! Your donations make it possible for us to dedicate ourselves fully to this ministry.

This past year as a team we:

  • provided SILA training to around 100 people through full-time and part-time courses, intensives, seminars, conferences and symposiums
  • shared presentations at external conferences to another 100 people as part of their professional development
  • oversaw the formation of a new accreditation partnership for our courses through Eastern College in light of the end of our previous arrangement with Melbourne School of Theology – this has been externally reviewed and submitted and is awaiting final approval
  • supervised 9 consultants, 15 faculty and 9 staff members who support the work of Bible translation and other language development work
  • supported 2 national translators from Bible Translation Association (BTA) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as they earned their diplomas – Kidu is directly involved in 6 Bible translation projects in different languages, and Stephen is in senior leadership in the organisation, overseeing some 70 Bible translation projects
  • nurtured another 9 graduating students who are in negotiations with field entities about where they will be involved in Bible translation work
  • and encouraged and prayed with countless people involved in the task of Bible translation.

We praise God for all that he has accomplished through you this year! This indeed is God’s generous provision as you invest in his Kingdom causes. And these investments are of eternal worth, for God’s Word will last forever.

Earlier this year, we met Stephen and Kidu, who came to us from Papua New Guinea. As Graham drove them to the airport this past week for their return flight home, they expressed how thankful they are for the training and support they received from us and the SILA community. ‘You are family’, Kidu said, which we consider a great affirmation.

They both have stressed repeatedly how blessed they have been by their study, how much they have learnt, how greatly it has impacted their own professional development, and how applicable their study will be to their work in Bible translation in PNG. For example, in one of his final papers, which Stephen gave us permission to quote from, he writes,

‘Developing plans and ensuring their implementation is vital to the wellbeing and health of an organisation. Organisational vision and mission are achieved through well designed plans and their implementation within an environment of constant monitoring and evaluation. From what we have learnt here at SILA to its application in BTA is one of building our capacity in the roles that we have been appointed to. The tasks that we undertake in our roles and the decisions that we make have impact for the mutual benefit of BTA, the projects we manage, and our own personal and professional development.’

What a great investment that has the potential to impact so many language groups throughout PNG who are waiting for God’s Word! We have been greatly encouraged by students like Stephen and Kidu, and we thank you for enabling us to be part of their journey. That’s why we feel so privileged to serve in Kangaroo Ground. Theirs is just one of the stories that will be recorded in heaven, another testimony of the full and abundant grace of Jesus Christ working in and through us all to accomplish his good purposes. You are making a difference – and we thank you!

Financial Highlights for 2019

We strive to be financially accountable to our donors and the communities we serve. All of our finances are handled with complete integrity through Wycliffe Bible Translators.

We give thanks to God that in 2019, we received 100% of our support quota for this year. However, we have seen a decrease in our monthly support level in the final quarter of this year. Thankfully, we have gotten by on savings from previous months, but this month is especially tight in light of additional medical expenses that have depleted our reserves. Nonetheless, we trust God to continue to provide for us, and we put our hope in his great generosity through people like you.

We thank the Lord for his generous provision through you, which has seen our financial needs met this year. Our overall support grew by a much needed 19% percent this past year, thanks to you and our other partners – individuals, churches, and other donors – that equip us to provide a full range of services to help transform lives at the SILA training centre in Kangaroo Ground.

Your generous giving enabled us to meet our ministry and living costs in 2019, and even to travel to the US for Ellie’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and we are so thankful to God for you!  We praise God for his provision for you, and trust that he will bless you and continue to enable you to contribute to the Bible translation effort in 2020.

Our Goals for 2020:

We are always trying to be faithful stewards of the work God has given to us, and the financial support and resources YOU have entrusted to us. In 2020, our goal is to continue providing quality training to people committed to cross-cultural work like facilitating Bible translation in minority language communities. While we understand that ‘neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow’ (1 Cor 3:7 NIV), our aim is to keep overheads low and be good stewards of the seed we have. In 2020, together with the Lord’s help, we endeavour to:

  1. continue to equip and support as many people as God enables us to in the Bible translation movement
  2. begin reaching out to diaspora communities in Australia to assess language needs and develop potential partnerships
  3. stabilize the work of the ministry here by developing a recruiting strategy for the key staff positions that need to be filled in SILA

With your help, by God’s grace, our hope is to raise our current level of support by 5% in 2020.

In 2020, we anticipate needing an additional 5% of our support to cover an increase in the cost of living and some additional medical expenses we know will be coming up. So we invite you to prayerfully consider our financial support needs for the coming months. In a couple of weeks, we will send you our final newsletter of the calendar year. Our hope is that you will partner with us in the seasons to come to further cultivate the work here in Kangaroo Ground.

In addition to asking God to provide for us, there are 3 ways you can help as the Lord leads you:

1. Monthly  Ongoing Support – Set up a recurring monthly gift for us via Wycliffe.
In 2019, we praise God that 5 new people joined our monthly support team!  In 2020, we would love to see God raise up 3 more new monthly financial partners to help with our daily ministry costs by July 31, 2020.

2. Special Gifts – Give us a Christmas gift, yearly gift, or year-end donation.
We praise the Lord that in 2019, he enabled 10 new partners to contribute special gifts. In 2020, in addition to our monthly financial partners, we would love to see God empower 7 new partners to contribute an additional one-time gift by July 31, 2020. 

3. Increasing Your Regular Giving – Give us a raise next year.
For those of you who already give regularly, we would love to see God enable 3 of you to increase your giving next year.  We’ve already seen God enable 3 supporters to do so this past year, and it is so encouraging to see how God provides for you! Will you prayerfully consider sharing your yearly raise with us?

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration. Together, we believe that God is doing something so important for the world and for his church as we give to the cause of Bible translation.

In closing…

According to Wycliffe Global Alliance, right now there is currently Bible translation work happening in 2617 languages in 161 countries throughout the world. This means that right now, there is more Bible translation happening than ever before in history! We live in an exciting time when God’s Word is going forth in power in ways that we couldn’t have imagined when we first joined the Bible translation cause 20 years ago. God is at work raising up more workers for his harvest, seeing them trained, equipped and encouraged, and sending them out to walk with language communities who are waiting to hear God speak their language. This is such an expression of God’s generosity. And it is a cause we remain completely sold-out to. Thank you for partnering with us as God sends the gracious gift of his Word throughout the world. We are so grateful to work together with you to fulfil this expression of God’s love.

May God richly bless you, provide for you in every way, and remind you of his generosity and love in many ways. May he continue to use you for his Kingdom causes. And together, may God use us to cause others to rejoice and give thanks to God for his gracious gifts to us.

How to Donate to Our Ministry

Electronic giving from anywhere in the world:  

Monthly pledges also can be set up at https://wycliffe.org.au/member/graham-ellie/

Australian cheques can be sent to Wycliffe Australia, 70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097, with a note that it is for ‘Graham and Ellie Scott.’

By check in the USA: Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 
Orlando, FL 32862; include a note that it is for us, ID#281522.

Donate online through Wycliffe USA – copy and paste this info: Graham and Ellie Scott ID#281522 into the Give to the Ministry of My Wycliffe Missionary page.

For ongoing automatic giving, you can set up a Bill Pay through your bank by providing Wycliffe’s name and address: 11221 John Wycliffe Blvd; Orlando, Fl 32862 – and put as a reference our missionary ID #281522 Graham and Ellie Scott. Or call 1-800-992-5433 to speak to a Wycliffe representative.

For US Donation Questions: donor_relations_orlando@wycliffe.org
Or call Wycliffe USA: 1-800-992-5433

Or Donate through any Wycliffe organisation worldwide—just include a note that it is for us, Acc.#281522

For partnership information/inquiries:  Wycliffe Australia
70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097   info@wycliffe.org.au   (03) 9712 2777

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