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God will do this, for he is faithful to do what he says, and he has invited you into partnership with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. (1 Corinthians 1:9 NLT)

Dear Friends and Family,

Partnership is the way God chooses to work through us, and God uses partnership to accomplish his Kingdom purposes. This is why we give thanks to God for all of you. Together we are partners in the gospel of Jesus who get to see others come to know God through the power of his Word.

“What are you taking away from this class on partnership?” Graham asked the students he taught in the Training for Transformational Development class. One answer blew him away. A student shared that they can see that Bible translation work is not just a simple task. It is complex – it involves building lasting relationships, together showing God’s love in practical ways, and walking alongside of others as they seek to follow the Lord.

Graham said he was encouraged by this response because the students seemed to really grasp what he shared. Relationships take time, and partnering with others models the kind of personal relationship that God extends to us through Jesus by his Spirit.

We praise God for the difference your partnership makes around the world. Here is a story that illustrates the power of our partnership in the continuing Papuan Malay Bible translation project.

He couldn’t stop the tears. John wept through the entire worship time during the Sunday School Teacher Training Workshop. He had never heard worship songs in Papuan Malay before, and he was moved deeply by them. These songs touched his heart as he thought about what they would mean for the children he taught, who all spoke Papuan Malay as their language.

As the workshops progressed, John became visibly more and more excited. The children he taught would understand these stories because they were in the language that the children understood. How he had longed for them to understand more of the Bible so that they could come to a saving understanding of Jesus as Lord and commit their lives to following him!

As Yos, who is a member of the Papuan Malay Team, says, “These stories that we are crafting, and the books that other members of the Papuan Malay team are creating, are very helpful in my ministry at church, especially in my role as a Sunday School teacher. When I use the Papuan Malay stories to teach Sunday School, the kids understand the stories much better than if they hear them in Indonesian. And not just kids. I believe that translating the Bible into Papuan Malay is so important for all of us Papuans. Not everybody understands Indonesian, or understands it well enough. I myself understand the Bible in Papuan Malay much better.”

When Belinda, the Papuan Malay translation team leader, shared these stories with Ellie during their Skype call, the joy on her face was infectious. Belinda and Ellie are so thankful that God has orchestrated their mentoring relationship. And what a privilege that all of us, as we partner together in God’s work, can be part of the incredible work God is doing through Bible translation.


The question of the month is, ‘Who pays for all this travel Graham is doing?

This past month, Graham travelled to Fiji to meet with SIL leaders from the Pacific area to discuss ways to equip and more fully involve nationals in the leadership of Bible translation work. Next month, he travels briefly to the US and then on to Thailand for further SIL International meetings. We thank you so much for your prayers for us – Graham has been blessed with travelling mercies and has enjoyed this aspect of his role. He loves travel, and he also loves thinking about ways to equip more and more people for ministry.

In his capacity as the SIL Australia director, Graham has been going to conferences and meetings all over the place in order to build relationships, discuss training needs for Bible translation and other language development work, and share vision and strategic direction with other SIL entities around the world. We see this as an important part of our ministry, especially as we seek to see more people raised up, trained well, and encouraged and supported for God’s work through Bible translation. Thankfully, SIL Australia has funds set aside to cover Graham’s flights and accommodation for these SIL-related trips.

While SIL Australia pays for Graham’s travel, our day-to-day needs are dependent upon God’s provision through the gifts of people like you. The financial gifts we receive from supporters like you help us to afford food and clothes, pay our rent, medical and other bills, keep our car in working condition, buy ministry supplies, share what we have with others, and enjoy life. We are thankful that God builds our trust in him as he calls each of us to partner with him and partner together for the cause of Bible translation.

We are so thankful for all the ways God provides for us through your partnership. When you partner with us, you help us train and mentor people like Belinda, you enable us to equip people like John and Jos, and you touch the lives of our colleagues and students as we encourage them as partners in the cause of getting God’s Word into the languages that will help others know and love Jesus best.

Will you partner with us financially by sending a gift today?

Will you join us in praying faithfully and fervently that our God will supply all our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus? Will you join us in praying God’s enabling protection and provision for all our current financial partners? Will you join us in praying especially for more financial partners who are willing to invest monthly in our ministry in order to move us from the current 80% of our living costs to 100%?

If you would like to give a one-time gift to support our ministry, or if you would like to join our financial support team in regular giving, please click on the ‘Support Us’ link or give through your local Wycliffe organisation as instructed at the end of this email.

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May God give each of us joy as we follow him and make him known throughout the world. We thank the Lord for the ways he enables us, in partnership, to share God’s love and his Word throughout the world. God bless you!

Graham and Ellie

We’re praising God for:

  • the rich blessing of working in partnerships, even in the ups and downs
  • his continued work in getting the Bible into Papuan Malay, and how the translated materials are already blessing local Sunday School teachers
  • feeling settled in our new community and enjoying our new church family and connections
  • the opportunity Graham has had in recent trips to build relationships with and encourage colleagues
  • the possibility that Graham may be able to connect with some of you during the 2-day visit to Chicago he has been able to add to his travel to the US for SIL meetings in Florida, and that he’ll get to see Ellie’s folks

   We’re praying for:

  • continued strength, stamina and wisdom as Graham has an extended trip to the US and onto Thailand for meetings; safe and stress-free travel for Graham, good connections and opportunities to learn and grow
  • continued improvement in Ellie’s health, particularly while Graham is away
  • travel to Brisbane for a couple of weeks of study leave and a missions conference, and for opportunities to catch up with family and friends while we are there
  • the continuing work of the Papuan Malay Bible translation team
  • God to raise up more monthly financial partners so we can be fully funded in our ministry
We recently enjoyed going for a bushwalk at Kinglake, a national park near us. This area is still recovering from the devastating Black Saturday bushfires of 2009. We were reminded of God’s goodness in the beauty of his creation, and continue to be amazed at the resilience he has built into his creation.


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By cheque in the USA: Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200
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