Thanking God for you – Graham and Ellie’s November News

NOVEMBER 2019 Edition

We also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is indeed at work in you who believe.

~1 Thessalonians 2:13 (NIV)

Dear Beloved Partners,

Ade couldn’t put this book down. This was not like the books she had to read at school, which were in the national language and difficult to understand. This book seemed to be speaking straight to her.

She’d heard that some children had stayed at a church event until 11pm devouring these stories. She could now understand why. The Gospel of Luke, in their own language, was easy to read. She could understand it! The comic illustrations helped to bring it to life for her. She could relate to the characters and their questions. And she could see Jesus clearly, perhaps for the first time.

When her older sister asked her about what she was reading, Ade was able to tell her the whole story. Not only could she understand what she read, she could share it with others! Her enthusiasm overflowed as she told everyone she met about the story of Jesus’ life that she’d read.

As Ade went to church that Sunday, she gave her life to Lord and asked Jesus into her heart. Because the Bible is being translated into Papuan Malay, Ade is now a member of the family of God, a coheir with you in the salvation offered through Jesus Christ our Lord! May many more Papuan Malay speakers come to know Jesus as the Scriptures are translated, distributed, read and understood.

As Ellie mentors Belinda, the Papuan Malay team leader, we continue to be amazed and grateful at how God continues his work and uses his Word to draw others to him. The above story is a result of the Papuan Malay team’s efforts at distribution – getting the translated Scripture portions circulated among the community.

Ellie and Belinda have brain-stormed and prayed over issues around distribution, and God has been answering by increasing the team’s sense of ownership and building their skills and confidence in visiting churches to share the materials translated into Papuan Malay. And so far, the churches visited have been very positive, have been purchasing good quantities of materials, and have seen engagement with God’s Word in new and exciting ways. We thank and praise the Lord for this, and for your partnership in this work. May God continue to equip the PM team, give them a great vision and passion for what he wants to do through these materials, and grow them in his ways and love.

This month, as Graham led the SIL Australia staff team in their year-end debrief, we were struck anew at the amazing people we get to work with, the highly motivated students we get to walk with, and the privilege it is that you enable us to devote ourselves to seeing others trained and equipped for this incredible work. Your contributions have meant that students who have finished the course will now become Bible translation facilitators and other language development support workers.

We are so incredibly grateful for you, and we praise the Lord for continuing his work in and through us all. Your prayers have been felt during this incredibly busy season as the year-long course finished, papers have been marked, and the team gets ready for the summer semester which starts in January. We continue to value your prayers for the new accreditation pathway to be ready by January. The first wave of accreditation has been completed, but there are still some more steps to complete. 

We pray that God will bless you richly as his Word works in and through you. May he continue to give us many, many reasons to give thanks. And may he multiply all that we bring to him for the purposes of his Kingdom so that others may come to know and love the Lord.

Love and hugs,
Graham and Ellie

Please join us in praising God:

  • for the impact that the translated Word of God has on people’s lives, and that God uses it to draw people to Jesus
  • for the Lord’s continual equipping of the Papuan Malay team, and that the churches visited so far have been so receptive to the portions of Scripture translated so far
  • for the SILA team’s finishing the year well
  • An adjustment in medication seems to be improving Ellie’s unusual medical symptoms

Please join us in praying for:

  • the Papuan Malay team as they continue to strategize and distribute materials, especially for favour in the community, increased sense of vision and ownership, and good engagement with the translated portions of Scripture
  • Graham and the SILA team as they prepare for the summer semester
  • That the new accreditation arrangement will be finalized before January
  • Continued prayers for healing and health for both of us

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We continue to pray for rain for drought-stricken parts of Australia.

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