10 of our own closely guarded secrets

Sometimes we can forget that serving God should be fun. Whatever any of us do – whether we’re working in jobs, raising our families, growing our businesses, or serving in ministry – the joy of the Lord IS indeed our strength.

We all long for deep, personal connection with others. But this can be difficult for so many reasons. Many people are simply afraid to really be themselves. And for people like us, wherever we are there are always people we miss terribly!

So we thought we’d have a little fun, and reveal to you more of ourselves than you may like to know :-).This proves that we’re not robots that stay locked away working all day.

Here are 10 of our own quirks, habits, and closely guarded secrets…

Secret #1 Ellie is a Veggie smuggler, some have even called her the Veggie Queen. She loves sneaking veggies into all kinds of things she makes. Sorry Graham, no meat at all in today’s lunch – but lots of veggies!

Secret #2 Silly songs come to Graham from the ether, so he claims.  His favourites include Rudolph the Red-nosed Wifey and How Do You Solve a Problem like the Wifey. Protestations from the wifey have yet to dim his inspiration.


Secret #3 – we’re fairly adventurous eaters and cooks. Pig head tacos on tonight’s menu.

Mmm Peppa tastes so good!





Secret #4 – Ellie didn’t talk until she was 3 years old. Her family says she’s been making up for it ever since! Graham hated talking in front of others so much as a child that in school his teachers allowed him to write extra essays instead of giving presentations. It’s a miracle he’s become a teacher and a pastor and now a CEO!



Secret #5 – we often joke about the OTHER 5 love languages of OUR family:
LL6 Fussing – are you sure? Do you need anything? Don’t forget to…
LL7 Space – reading in separate rooms as a form of bonding; hammock time…
LL8 Understatement and Sarchasm – This isn’t too bad; you’ll do; do we have to have chocolate cake?
LL9 Relentless Persecution- serial punning; bad jokes; excessive silliness…
LL10 Food – oh no we only made 3 desserts for your birthday; when can we feed you? Yes we can do gluten-free/dairy-free/nut-free/soy-free/egg-free/low FODMAP/low GI/low carb/vegetarian…

Secret #6 – Graham relaxes by reading geeky books – philosophy, linguistics, nature field guides, even dictionaries. Ellie relaxes by planning elaborate complicated projects – here she’s got materials for her first ever mosaic tile project, she also has elaborate plans for an edible forest, organic cottage garden and learning to sew.


Secret #7 – Graham often screams when he opens the fridge. It scares him. The fuller it is the more it scares him. Ellie practices the art of fridgigami- she can usually ‘fold things around other things just right’ in order to get one more thing into the fridge or freezer.


Secret #8 Ellie hates mornings. Her circadian rhythm seems to be set on Argentina time, and if she ruled the world the work day wouldn’t start until well after noon so everyone could have a nice sleep-in. Graham is more of a, “I can sleep when I’m dead” kind of guy.

Secret #9 – Graham has a scar near his eye that he got in a rock fight when he was a kid. Yes a rock this big. 14 stitches. Thankfully he later took up climbing rocks instead of throwing them. Ellie loves rocks too – as a kid she used to play ‘exploring’ where she would look for beautiful rocks.

Secret #10 Ellie has the gift of making magnificent messes – like the time she made a green smoothie without putting the base in the blender, or the time she choked on turmeric water and coughed it all over the white kitchen, or the time she spilled a mixing bowl of unfrozen mulberry sorbet in the freezer and fridge, or the time she shook a full orange Gatorade bottle that Graham had already opened for her. Graham is good at cleaning up massive messes. (Sigh)

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