A Light for Our Path

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105 NLT)

When our dear Papuan friend, Anita, was experiencing for the first what it was like to really understand God’s Word, Psalm 119:105 became really meaningful for her. She was giving the devotions one night as part of a discipleship school we were involved with, and she started the devotions by turning off all the lights. Now in Papua when you turn off all the lights, it is really dark.

Anita asked, ‘What would it be like to live like this all the time? To have to cook or get by in life like this? How easy would it be? ’And everybody agreed it would be very difficult.

Then Anita said ‘This is what life is like without God’s Word in a language that we can understand.

This year to mark the winter solstice in Australia, our church had a special evening service celebrating Jesus as the Light that shines in the darkness! One of our favourite parts was a prayer labyrinth that had been lovingly set up in the church to remind us that God, by His Word, lights our path. The labyrinth path was illuminated by lights so that we could find our way. It was truly beautiful!

As I walked the labyrinth, and placed a candle in the centre of it to symbolize our prayers, I thought of Anita and what she shared. And I prayed for her and those like her who long to understand God’s Word.

God’s Word truly is a light for us – it shows us who Jesus is, why He came, how we can have a close, personal and dynamic relationship with the God of the Universe, our Creator. God’s Word provides guidance and instructions about how God wants us to live, His purposes for us, and the hope that we can cling to in this world.

Even as I give thanks to God for shining His light on our paths by giving us access to His Word in our own language, I yearn for the day when Anita and our beloved friends in Papua will have all of God’s Word in their own language. And I think about those throughout the world who lack access to the light of God’s Word and still live in the darkness.

Please join us in praying for Bible Access Equality throughout the world! 

Light of the World,
We thank You for the privilege of knowing You through Your Word.
Thank You for Your tender mercies which shine on us as Your Word guides us in the path of peace.
Help us to live according to the light of Your Word, Lord.
Light up the path of generosity, compassion and justice for us.
Help us to trust and follow You, and to truly live as children of Light.

(Graham here is with one of the bubs from church who has become a good mate.)

We pray for those who are still living in darkness, Lord, because they do not yet understand Your great love for them through Jesus Christ.
Empower us by Your Spirit to be Bringers of Light
so that the world will be filled with people who know You and love You.
Send out Your Word through us, so that others may come to know Jesus as Lord,
for He is the Light that the darkness cannot overcome.
In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Thank you for praying and walking in the Light with us!

Graham and Ellie

© Graham and Ellie Scott

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