A Prayer for My Father (based on Isaiah 12)

Happy US Father’s Day! A fun quote about fathers we read recently says:

“A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.” (author unknown)

We like that ☺. It makes Ellie giggle.

We are so thankful for Ellie’s dad – he has a great sense of humour and is sure to appreciate this quote!

We realize that Father’s Day can be a hard time for some people – some of you have fathers who have passed away, some of you have a difficult or non-existent relationship with your father, and some of you haven’t been given the privilege of becoming a father. If this is a time of struggle for you, we’d love to pray for you – please reply and let us know.

If you and Dad get along, we hope God will remind you of some of the best moments you shared.

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from Henry, Ellie’s father, is sacrificial generosity and feeding others. Henry often says, “Giving isn’t giving until it hurts.” He lives by this principle, and he glorifies God in his generosity to the work of God’s Kingdom. He works hard so that whatever God gives to him, he can give back to God. We wonder how many of you have been fed by Henry? He loves to take people out to eat or to light up the bbq and have people over.

Henry has passed these gifts on to his daughter, and we’ve found these lessons crucial to our ministry. Ministry involves sacrificial generosity. And one of the best ways we’ve found to love people is to eat together with them. Our ministry of hospitality owes a great deal to Henry.

We give thanks for Henry and fathers like him!

One of my favourite memories of my dad is of him saying, “Praise the Lord” – whenever God provided at just the right time, whenever a prayer was answered, whenever someone came to the Lord – quite often really! As Ellie was praying for her dad today, the Lord led her to Isaiah chapter 12 to pray over him. She wrote this out and sent it to him. And it occurred to us that some of you might find this a helpful Scripture prayer to pray over your fathers too! So here it is:

A Prayer for My Father (based on Isaiah 12)

Gracious Heavenly Father,
You, Lord God, are my strength and my song. And You alone are my salvation!
Today especially, Lord, I praise You for my earthly father.
Fill him with Your joy and enable him to drink deeply from Your fountain of salvation.
Give him many more reasons to thank You and to shout out, “Praise the Lord!”
Provide him with opportunities to share Your amazing love and powerful deeds throughout the world.
Show him again and again how mighty You are, how good and kind and full of faithful love You are!
Give him the grace to praise You with great joy! For You are great and holy, and You dwell among us!
Empower him to tell others of Your unfailing love.
And please bless him with many more years of strength and health so that he praise You more and more for who You are and for all that You have done.
Gracious Lord, we rejoice in Your great goodness to us, which You have granted according to Your mercy and love, through Jesus Christ our Lord and by His Holy Spirit I pray, Amen!

Have a blessed Father’s Day, and if there’s anything we can pray about with you, please let us know!

Psalm 103:13 tells us that, “The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.” We pray that God’s tender, compassionate love will surround you and bless you as you honour Him.

Graham and Ellie

© Graham and Ellie Scott

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