A Prayer for November 11

This year November 11 marks the 100th anniversary of the hostilities of World War I ending. Here is a prayer we’ve written to give thanks to God for the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom, and to pray for peace throughout the world.

A Prayer for November 11

Our Lord and Heavenly Father,

You are the Author of Peace. You give us strength and you bless us with peace. We are so grateful for your tender mercy, which gives light to those in darkness, hope in the shadow of death, and guidance in paths of peace.

We thank you for the gift of Christ, who gives us peace of mind and heart, and in whose peace we can take heart in our trials and sorrows.

We praise you, Prince of Peace, for your passionate commitment to fairness and justice. You are worthy of all power, and we rejoice in your Kingdom, where peace reigns forever. May your Kingdom come, and your will be done here on earth as in heaven.

Our God and King, we thank you for your Spirit who anoints your people to bring good news of peace and salvation to the poor, who comforts those who mourn, who proclaims freedom from oppression, and who blesses all who work for peace.

We praise you for allowing us the freedom today to gather in your Name in peace and safety. We thank you for this day to remember the end of the Great War, and those who lost their lives in the pursuit of peace and freedom in armed conflicts throughout our history.

We remember with gratitude those who have given their lives in wars past and present in order to ensure our continued freedom, and we ask you to bless their families and those who honour their sacrifice.

God of compassion, we pray that you will comfort those who have lost loved ones in armed conflict. Surround them with the love and support they need as they grieve today.

We lift to you all those serving in our armed forces, and especially those whose lives are endangered right now. We join their friends and families in praying for their safety and for their return. Bless them as they serve the cause of peace and justice.

We pray for those who have been wounded in battle, traumatized, or suffering in any way. Provide for them the care they need.

Source of Hope, please fill us with joy and peace as we trust in you. Overflow your confident hope in us through the power of Your Holy Spirit. We ask you to turn us again to yourself, to help us to resist doing evil and to embrace doing good. Bless us as we search for peace and work to maintain it in ourselves, in our families, with our friends and neighbours, our church, our community, our country, our world, and even with our enemies.

God of Love, teach us the true meaning of loving others, so that we may walk in your life-giving ways of love. As your teaching and your Word goes out through us, may we see international disputes settled, weapons reforged into gardening implements, nations no longer fighting one another, and peace flowing like a gentle river.

We pray for end to armed conflicts occurring right now in various places across the earth. Show your justice to the nations of the world. And may people everywhere declare your praise.

For all of us who long for peace and justice, we ask for your wisdom from above so that we may plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of good deeds.  As we face the battle of evil and darkness that rages around and within us and the world we live in, we ask that you will strengthen us in your mighty power so that we can stand against injustice, hatred, evil, and all that dishonours you and your good creation.

Mighty God, remind us to take up your weapons and to lay down our own weapons. Equip us with your grace and truth, your righteousness and peace, faith, hope and love, your salvation and your Word, your Spirit and your Good News. Enable us to stay alert, to watch for your coming, and to remain persistent in our prayers for all believers everywhere.

God of Peace, please equip us with all we need for doing Your will. May we be known as your children who are committed to peace and are makers of peace. 
And produce in us, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to you. May you be glorified in us and in your people throughout the world.
Through Christ our Lord we pray, Amen.

We hope this prayer blesses you
as you remember our veterans and military personnel this Sunday.

Graham and Ellie

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