A Prayer Inspired by Hebrews 10

Holy God, our Creator and Sustainer,

Thank You for the life-giving way that Jesus Christ has opened for us by His self-sacrifice on the cross and His rising again to new life. Through Christ, we boldly enter into Your Holy Presence, Giver of Life.

Forgive us, Lord, for those times we have forgotten or neglected You. Forgive us for those times we may have doubted Your goodness, lost sight of Your promises, or failed to seek and obey Your instructions. Forgive us for not fully treasuring Your gifts to us, for not loving You with all that we have and all that we are. Forgive us for failing to love others as You want us to.

Here we are, Lord, trusting not in ourselves, but in Your mercy. With our hearts open and devoted to Jesus, we trust You to cleanse our consciences and purify us, through Christ our Lord. By Your Holy Spirit, fill us with Your desires and Your instructions. Give us understanding of Your ways so that we can gladly follow Your Word.

Lord, we pray for our church family and for the churches in our community. Help us to cling tightly to the hope that we have in You. Inspire and empower us to think of ways to encourage one another to outbursts of love and good deeds. Give us grace and joy as we gather in Your Name; faith to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord; and courage to preach the truths of Your Word as we wait for the fulfillment of all of Your promises. Lord, we bring before You our leaders in Christ — honour and provide for them through Your people as they serve You faithfully.

God of the Nations, we bring before You the rulers and government officials of our community, our nation and the world. We pray that You will bring justice wherever there is injustice; peace wherever there is violence; and hope wherever there is suffering and despair. Shine Your Light wherever there is darkness, and may good truimph over evil throughout the world.

God of Salvation, we pray for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as Lord, for those who lack access to Your Good News and Your Words of Life, and for those who are struggling or have turned their backs on You. Our Maker and our Judge, have mercy. Give us wisdom and opportunities to share the hope we have in Jesus to our families, our friends, our colleagues, our communities, and beyond. Renew in us the passion and joy that You gave us when we first believed. And grant us the patient endurance and generosity we need to share Your love throughout the world.

God of Compassion, comfort, heal and provide for our loved ones who are ill, suffering or in need. Bless them according to the riches of Your mercy.

Enable us, Merciful God, to do Your good will as Your people. Help us to live by faith, to understand how You want us to grow and become, and guide us in Your ways so that we may live to make You smile and know You more.

Thank You, Lord, that we do not do this alone. Thank You for Your presence, Your Holy Spirit, Your Word, and the gift of Your family — those around us who encourage us, walk with us, and share in Your salvation. Together, we look to You for all we need – through Christ our Lord and by His Spirit, we pray, Amen!

© Graham and Ellie Scott

Please join us in praying this throughout the week! 

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