Celebrating International Women’s Day

We celebrate the contribution of women to language development work this International Women’s Day! Graham organized a beautiful morning tea, flowers and a card for the SILA women in the office today. And he sent out an email to all of us which was particularly inspiring. Here is an excerpt:

“Why International Women’s Day? Women are part of God’s good creation and reflect the image of God to us; and they also happen to be a very large percentage of the world’s population 🙂 When God created humans, he created them in his image, both male and female, and declared that they were good. So today, as we remember, thank, and celebrate, we celebrate humanity and women’s special participation in that mirror which reflects our Creator to us.

“Women are absolutely vital to the work of SILA and SIL International. Countless women have encouraged, taught, led, guided, mentored, analysed, translated, checked, corrected, workshopped, and so much more, in my life, and all across the SIL International community throughout its history.

“Without the women of SILA, the place would grind to an absolute halt within seconds. So we thank each of them for their work and their lives in our community.”

Happy International Women’s Day!



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