Graham and Ellie’s Thanksgiving Prayer Inspired by Philippians 1

We wish a very happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and family!

And for all of us, here is a Thanksgiving prayer we’ve written, inspired by Philippians chapter 1. We invite you to pray this with us during this season.

God bless you!

Graham and Ellie


Graham and Ellie’s Thanksgiving Prayer Inspired by Philippians 1

Lord of heaven and earth, you are the Giver of good gifts to your children.
You have blessed us with life, love and all that is good in this world.
We remember before you the countless gifts you have given us, the numerous reasons we have to be grateful, and the endless treasure you have made available to us in Christ Jesus.
Thank you for abundant harvests, and for providing for us according to your riches in glory.
We come before you with songs of thanksgiving, remembering all your wonders.
You are our strength and shield, and your glorious presence fills the earth.
Our hearts are filled with joy as we proclaim that you, our Lord, are a great God, and a great King above all gods.
Only you hold all creation in your hands and yet care for each of us with such great love.
We praise you, for you are worthy of all worship and thanks, and you deserve our deepest gratitude.
May our sacrifice of thanksgiving truly honour and please you.

Heavenly Father, thank you for inviting us into your family and calling us your very own children.
We thank you so much for our brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are so grateful for all who love your name and who are committed to making you known throughout the earth.
God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, please bless all your children by giving us grace and filling us with your peace.
We thank you for the joy and privilege of partnering together to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ.
And we praise you that your Word continues to go out into the world and bear lasting fruit.

Gracious Lord, we thank you for the good work you do in and through your family.
We humbly ask you to continue your work in us until you have accomplished all that you desire in and through us as we await the glorious return of our Saviour Jesus.
We thank you for your love, which binds us together in Christian unity, in one hope, one spirit and one purpose.
May the tender compassion of Christ Jesus provide all we need for doing good to everyone, especially to those in the family of faith.

Source of Love, we pray that your love will overflow more and more in us and our loved ones.
Please help us to keep on growing in our knowledge and understanding of your goodness and your ways.
Enable us to pursue those things that matter most to you, and to live as your lights shining wherever there is darkness.
Empower us by your Holy Spirit to live our lives filled with the fruit of your salvation.
May we live with the purity and blamelessness that Christ won for us on the cross.
May our hearts overflow with compassion for all in need.
Deepen in us a desire for justice that reflects the character and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ until he comes again.
Creator God, we long for our lives to give you praise and glory.
Help us to live as citizens of heaven.
Enable us to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ.
May we truly love you with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.
May we truly love others as you commanded.
And may your Spirit inspire us and cause our joy and gratitude to overflow in rich generosity towards others as you guide us, so that others also may give you thanks and praise.
We pray in the precious name of Jesus, and for his sake, Amen.

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