Partying SIL Australia Style

Ellie enjoyed being part of the checking party that SILA was privileged to host for the Kandas New Testament. This NT is in the type-setting stage and so we were looking for any formatting issues.

There were 15 Wycliffe members total in the party – many hands make light work!

I felt so joyful knowing that this people group would soon have the New Testament in their own language!


Here we are with Laurie and Ruth Morgan, who are the type-setters for this NT.






I got to check the books of James and 1 and 2 Peter.

The process was all laid out for us and very clear

Checking for verse numbers, fonts, style, punctuation and spacing – appeals to my inner perfectionist!

This language is spoken in New Ireland, which is part of PNG. The NT dedication ceremony is being planned for April next year, Lord willing.


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