What Are You Doing for Giving Tuesday?

Dear Friends and Family,

The last Tuesday in November has come to be known as ‘Giving Tuesday’. Giving Tuesday is a day to encourage charitable giving during the holiday season. Many consider Giving Tuesday to be the launching pad of people’s end-of-year giving. Since it is Giving Tuesday, we wanted to take the opportunity to share about our ministry, thank you for your support, and invite you to prayerfully consider further partnership with us.

Like you, we deeply love God and his Word. We believe that God’s Word is the primary way that he reveals himself to people. We see God’s Word as necessary for spiritual and church growth. And we also believe that God wants all people everywhere to be able to access and understand his Word. Yet it is estimated that 180 million people from 2,163 languages still need Bible translation programs to begin so that those people groups can access and understand God’s Word (http://www.wycliffe.net/en/statistics).

Language development work like Bible translation is a very specialised field. It requires relationship building, partnering cross-culturally, learning and documenting new languages, training and resourcing communities, and an ability to live in various contexts throughout the world. Those committing themselves to such work require specialised, high-quality training. And this is where we come in.

We are dedicated to seeing others trained, resourced and working cross-culturally to ensure that people around the world have access to God’s Word and the Good News of Jesus Christ in their own languages. As members of Wycliffe since 2000, we have served the cause of Bible translation in the US, Australia, and Indonesia. This year we began a new chapter in our service with Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia as Graham became the Principal Executive Officer of the Summer Institute of Linguistics Australia (SILA). Globally, SIL is Wycliffe’s training, academic and implementation partner, and serves minority language communities worldwide by delivering effective training and consulting in linguistics, literacy, translation and cross-cultural communication for the development of locally owned sustainable language programs.

We believe it is the privilege of churches and Christians to fund such work and those called to it. And so people like us volunteer for the cause of Bible translation, living by faith as God supplies our needs through his family rather than receiving a salary. We are committed to being part of the team helping to complete the global Bible translation task. But we could not do this work without the partnership and support of God’s people. Our friends, family and ministry partners journey with us in this work and support us as God enables them. We are blessed and privileged to serve God together in this work, and we are incredibly grateful for all who encourage us, pray for us, and fund us.

We invite you into further partnership with us in prayer, financial support and encouragement. We welcome you to share in the privilege of supporting the cause of Bible translation by reading our newsletters and emails, regularly praying for us, repeatedly funding our ministry, and/or giving a gift to us today. We invite you to share this opportunity with others you believe love God’s Word as much as you do, so that they too can share in the privilege of eradicating Bible poverty.

Together, we can bless the world by ensuring all have access to God’s Word in the language they best understand. Together, we can impact the 2000+ people groups waiting for Scriptures and end their Bible poverty. Thank you!

Graham and Ellie Scott

How to Donate Today:

Give online from anywhere in the world  https://wycliffe.org.au/member/graham-ellie/.

If you are in the US and would like to donate online through Wycliffe USA, copy and paste this info: Graham and Ellie Scott ID#281522 into the Give to the Ministry of My Wycliffe Missionary page.

Or for other options, send us an email at graham-ellie_scott@wycliffe.net

For partnership information/inquiries:  Wycliffe Australia
70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097   info@wycliffe.org.au   (03) 9712 2777

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