Destiny by David Gibson

Graham introduced to us a great commentary on Ecclesiastes when we studied Ecclesiastes at church last year – ‘Destiny’ by David Gibson. It is full of gems like this quote,
“When life ends, or is about to end, absolutely everything else comes into focus. The things that don’t really matter, but which we gave so much time to, now seem so empty and pointless. The lives we touched and the generosity we showed and the love we gave or received now mean so much more. That’s what the Teacher is saying: a coffin preaches a better sermon than a cot. ‘Look forward,’ he says as he grabs us by the shoulders. ‘Don’t be a fool! Stop trying to escape life’s agonies by drowning them away, by laughing them off and pretending they don’t exist. Look forward to the day of your death and ask yourself, what kind of person should I be? For one day I will be dead.'”
If you would like to study Ecclesiastes more closely, or if you are preaching or teaching from Ecclesiastes sometime in the future, or if you are contemplating the point of life, or raging against illness, suffering and death – then we highly recommend this book. It has deeply blessed us and we pray that God will use it to bless you too. Check your local Christian bookstore, or order it from Amazon.

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