More Answers to Prayer – Graham and Ellie’s October News

OCTOBER 2019 Edition

You will show me the way of life,
    granting me the joy of your presence
    and the pleasures of living with you forever.
~Psalm 11:16 (NLT)

Dear Beloved Partners,

We take great pleasure in sharing with you what God has been doing in the last month or so. God continues to use your prayers, encouragement and support to remind us of his presence and strengthen us as we seek together to see Bible translation projects started by language communities around the world. We are so grateful for your continued partnership in this ministry, and for your commitment to extending the knowledge and joy of God’s presence and the eternal life he offers through Jesus, by his Spirit, to those still waiting to hear God speak to them in their language.

Last month we asked you to pray as we represented SILA at the Mission Matters conference at Mount Tambourine. God answered your prayers so beautifully as we were able to pray for several people who are considering cross-cultural ministry, and as we had recruiting conversations with a couple of people feeling strongly called into Bible translation work. What a privilege!

Among those we talked to is a young man named Brad, pictured here, who gave us permission to share our conversation with you. Brad is currently studying at theological college, and he’s found that he just loves languages, particularly as he delves into the Greek and Hebrew of the biblical text. His question to us was whether we thought that God might be able to use his love of languages to somehow serve his kingdom purposes in the world. Of course!

We asked him questions about his commitment to developing strong relationships, flexibility, and willingness to walk alongside and train others. These are also issues on his heart and gifts he is actively developing, which means that from our perspective, he is an ideal candidate for a language development role. What a privilege and a blessing to chat with him and suggest that a future as a Bible translation specialist or consultant is likely a good fit for him! Brad left our conversation thanking us for our encouragement and prayers. And we left that conversation beaming that God continues to answer our prayers that the Lord of the Harvest will raise up more workers for this wonderful task of seeing language communities transformed through understanding and applying his Word. We’d love your prayers that God will grow the seeds from our conversations at the conference and cause them to flourish for his good purposes.

Another bonus of attending the Mission Matters conference was catching up with other mission representatives, including former students who have been on the field. Our former students often become advocates for the training that SIL Australia offers, and our friend Bethany is no exception. She now works in West Africa, and she took the time to thank us for the training she received from SIL Australia’s Launch program, our 6-week summer intensive, in which she was a student in 2015. Here is an interview with Bethany that she’s happy for us to share.

Q: What did you enjoy about SIL Australia’s Launch 6-week intensive?
Bethany: It was fantastic being with other people preparing for mission, and even more so with experienced missionaries, hearing their stories. I think that helped me with the transition to West Africa and also the transition back to Australia for this time of home assignment. It gave me an idea of what to expect and what kind of emotions and experiences might be normal.

Q: How did your training from SIL Australia help you in your work and life in West Africa?
Bethany: The biggest thing has been more confidence with language learning. So the first language I learnt was French in a language school, but it was still good to have the background knowledge of even how to lay out my notes in my book in a helpful way, and how I could add to the class learning with other kinds of learning. In Africa it’s been even more relevant because I’m learning a local language where I don’t have a trained teacher, I don’t have a dictionary, I don’t have a grammar book. So to have practiced that using the Indonesian language at Launch just gave me the confidence in getting started in language lessons where I had to prepare my own resources.

Q: What would you say to people who might be considering doing the Launch course, but aren’t sure if it’s for them?
Bethany: I just think it’s an invaluable part of preparation for going, especially if you are going to somewhere without a language school. But even if you are going into any cross-cultural situation, the insights from experienced missionaries, plus the time to grow and pray and discuss things together is incredibly helpful. To know that I could reach out to the lecturers or other people in the SIL family and ask for advice and help at different times is a real comfort as well.

Thank you again for the difference you are making in the lives of cross-cultural workers like Bethany as you make it possible for us to provide this training for them.

 Other bonuses during the Mission Matters conference included catching up with loved ones like Graham’s mum and family, and also our brothers and sisters from the Chinese church where we used to minister. They were having their church camp nearby the conference, so we got to surprise them. The hugs were long, the smiles delightful, and the prayers intimate. Heaven is going to be so great, when all those we love who love Jesus are in the same place at the same time!

We also really value your prayers for the SILA team as they have been working through rewriting curriculum documents based on the new accreditation pathway. God has been strengthening the team for this mammoth task, and we are so grateful to work with such highly-motivated and capable people who share our commitments and values.

This rewriting of curriculum can be arduous, and so Graham had the idea of having a series of work parties, where he treats the faculty to a meal and goodies, and then they all sit together in the same room while they work on the accreditation documentation. These work parties have been effective – they have reminded the faculty that we’re all in this together, no one is isolated or alone; as questions or difficulties have arisen, the team has been able to support one another; and it has provided Graham with an opportunity to show them they are valued in the midst of this added workload for them. We praise God for the ways he is answering your prayers, and we continue to trust him as the accreditation documentation moves forward.

We are entering an incredibly busy season for the SIL Australia staff as they finish up the current teaching year, mark papers, and prepare for the summer intensive. The students, too, find this time of year very challenging as they finish up their final assessment items and prepare for their transition. Some will be transitioning to Wycliffe membership, some to a process of discerning where they would like to serve, some to developing strategic partnerships to raise the needed funds and support to serve where God is leading them, and some will be continuing their study with us next year. Thank you for standing by us in these seasons!

Within the next couple of days, we will post a Scripture engagement activity for you to partake in as God leads. This is to help prepare us for a season of giving thanks. So please watch for that. We trust that God will enable you to find joy in his presence as he continues to lead you in ways that bring life and hope to others. And as always, we thank God for you.

Love and hugs,
Graham and Ellie

Please join us in praising God:

  • for the joy of his life-giving presence with us and the privilege of sharing that with others
  • for the SILA faculty’s hard work in preparing documentation for the new accreditation arrangement with Eastern College
  • for the encouraging conversations and prayers we had at the Missions Matters conference, including significant recruiting conversations
  • during a recent Bible Translation conference in Dallas, Graham met with a representative from the Lutheran Bible Translation society, and the result of that meeting is that they are sending a student to be trained at SIL Australia next year.

Please join us in praying for:

  • the SILA team as they continue to prepare the new accreditation documentation, and that God will strengthen them as they finish the year and prepare for the summer intensive
  • the students as they finish this year – particularly for God’s leading and discernment for those seeking field assignments
  • continued prayers for Ellie’s health as she has been having some unusual symptoms that have her specialist perplexed, and especially for patience with the process and grace to endure the exhaustion caused by these symptoms
  • God’s generous provision once again, as we have had extra medical costs that are currently stretching us.

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For US-based ongoing automatic giving, you can set up a Bill Pay through your bank by providing Wycliffe’s name and address: 11221 John Wycliffe Blvd; Orlando, Fl 32862 – and put as a reference our ID #281522 Graham and Ellie Scott. Or call 1-800-992-5433 to speak to a Wycliffe representative.

For partnership information/inquiries:  Wycliffe Australia
70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097   (03) 9712 2777

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