Scotts’ News January 2019 — What Does It Mean to Be a Community of Grace?

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And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.
(Philippians 1:9-11 NIV)

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

What does the phrase ‘Community of Grace’ mean to you? What would it look like to embody this? This is our theme this year at SILA, and we look forward to exploring and becoming a community of grace as we live out our calling.

To us, the wonderful prayer that Paul and Timothy write to the Philippian church is a meaningful goal as we seek to be a community of grace. We pray this for you, our students and staff, and all those committed to the cause of Bible translation.  You are created to overflow in love, abound in knowledge and wisdom, discern what is pleasing to Christ and bear fruit that brings glory and praise to God. By God’s grace, may we all live according to this truth.

Thank you so much for praying for the SILA summer semester, which is in full swing. Once again, God has provided an amazing staff who are dedicated to the cause of language development, including Bible translation, and this makes Graham’s job enjoyable.

We loved hosting and catering the staff welcome dinner

Everyone here shares the motivation to make God known and his Word understood throughout the world. It is truly an honour and a blessing to be part of this. God is answering your prayers to raise up more workers for his harvest by equipping each student as needed for cross-cultural ministry.

One important skill for cross-cultural life and work is the ability to learn other languages. Without language there cannot be deep relationships and communication.

Believe it or not, after just 6-weeks, using the techniques we teach, anyone can have a significant conversation in a language they have never spoken before! As the students learn to make unfamiliar sounds, analyse different language patterns, and appreciate the complexity of culture, they gain important tools for the cross-cultural work to which God has called them.

Here is one student’s story that touched our hearts. Jenn is a qualified speech therapist who is working in rural Australia. She first heard of Wycliffe Bible Translators years ago when she attended a missions event and spoke to some Wycliffe representatives there. She says,

Most people hearing about Bible translation might ask the question, ‘Is Bible translation for me?’ I decided that this question should be the other way around. The question really should be, ‘Why not Bible translation?’

I talked to God about this at the conference, and I had some legitimate reasons for ‘not Bible translation’ just then. But I decided that I should ask this question regularly. My commitments at the time would last 3 years. So I scheduled a reminder for the end of those 3 years to ask the question again, ‘Why not Bible translation?’

After another 3 years, there were still legitimate reasons for me not to pursue Bible translation. But every 3 years, I asked myself the same question. When the question came up again last year, it seemed like the right time to act on the question and come do the course. So here I am.

— Jenn

We join Jenn’s prayers that God will help her discern what is best and lead her to a good answer to her great question. We praise God too for the encouragement that colleagues’ and students’ lives and stories are to us.

We hope that you are having a great start to 2019. Ours has been good, but not without its challenges. We are grieving the sudden deaths of two friends: one a Papuan friend who we loved dearly; and the other an American colleague who served in Indonesia. They are with Jesus, and we are thankful. But we grieve the loss they are to this world and to us. With the writer of Ecclesiastes, we see that life is but a breath, and we pray that God will help us to use our time on earth well and for his glory.

And we’ve just had a bit of an accident…

Ellie’s dad always joked that exercise can be hazardous to your health. Graham’s ankle agrees with him at the moment. On Monday, a roll of the ankle and a cracking sound ended Graham’s lovely evening run.

Graham attending an international work meeting 2 days after his fall

We are grateful that we didn’t have too long to wait at the hospital, and that Graham’s ankle is not broken or dislocated. So Graham is now living the quiet life with lots of ice and elevation. Physiotherapy and rehab start next week.  

Thank you to those in our prayer group who prayed as soon as you received word. Thank you for your continued prayers as Graham recovers. And thank you for your prayers for Ellie’s leg surgery. She felt fully recovered from her leg pain the day before Graham’s accident, just in time. We are so aware of God’s grace, and so thankful for you who stand with us in the battle.

We thank the Lord that his presence is with us and his grace is sufficient for our trials. As Psalm 23 reminds us, we have a Good Shepherd whose goodness and mercy follows us every day of our lives, and we are so thankful. What an amazing promise that we get to dwell in the Lord’s home forever. What an amazing comfort his presence is. How encouraging is his Word, and how we long for everyone to know and love the Shepherd!

We have heard from a few people, and would still love to hear how Psalm 23 has rung true in your life. And we’d love to hear your thoughts on being a community of grace. Please reply to us as the Lord leads you to share.

At a dear friend’s 50th birthday party, we had fun learning to play croquet

Thank you for loving God’s Word so much that you want everyone to have access to it regardless of their language or isolation. We are so grateful to partner with you in the cause of training, language development, and other cross-cultural ministry. Thank you for supporting us so that we can dedicate our lives to this cause. May God bless you richly and abundantly!

Graham and Ellie

Please join us in praising God for:

  • those God is using to answer our prayers about being fully funded in 2019 – from those who sent a bit ‘extra’ at Christmas time, to those who have increased their giving this year, to special gifts that come at just the right time – we are so thankful for how God provides for us through you! We have just 9% more of our on-going costs to go for us to be fully funded. Thank you, Lord!
  • a good start to the SILA summer semester, great students and an amazing team to work with
  • Bible stories being tested in Papua, Indonesia are being responded to very well by those hearing them – more on this later
  • Ellie’s good recovery from surgery

Please join us in praying for:

  • the students and staff as they complete the summer semester – for strength and stamina as the workload increases, for wisdom and discernment of God’s will, and for them to finish well
  • us to fully embrace being a community of grace as we bear witness to Christ Jesus
  • Papuan Malay Bible story video recordings which are scheduled for February
  • healing for Graham’s ankle and wisdom regarding what he is able to manage while healing 

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